Hilot: The Healing Practice that Stood the Test of Time

Hilot: The Healing Practice that Stood the Test of Time
Marcus Flint Aug, 6 2023

The Essence and Philosophy of Hilot

As a practicing reflexologist and health enthusiast, I am constantly looking for different ways to rejuvenate both body and mind. One of these is Hilot, a traditional Filipino healing practice that has arguably been around for thousands of years. The word Hilot, in Filipino, means "rub" or "massage". This centuries-old therapeutic touch is aimed at restoring duyan, defined as "the balanced and harmonious flow of life energy in the body."

But there's more to Hilot than mere kneading of muscles. Its philosophy entails an intricate connection between the physical, spiritual, and environmental realms. It relies heavily on the belief in the body’s internal energy and the importance of its balance. According to Hilot philosophy, disease or sickness is often the result of an imbalance or blockage in this energy flow.

My Special Introduction to Hilot

Funny enough, it was Claudia, my better half, who introduced me to Hilot. There was a time she was suffering from chronic back pain, which no amount of massage or painkillers seemed to make the slightest dent in. It was during one of her web-crawling sessions that she stumbled on Hilot, and what was initially dismissive intrigue soon turned into fascination.

I witnessed firsthand Claudia's transformation as she gradually found relief through Hilot sessions. As she experienced the therapeutic effects of this form of traditional healing, I couldn’t help but pay keen attention, which eventually led to my first Hilot session, and boy, what an experience it was!

What The Hilot Session Includes

Intricate and extensive as this healing art may be, a Hilot session typically involves multiple procedures. This is initiated by what is known as 'Pagtatala', a traditional Filipino method of diagnosis where the healer "reads" the body through touch. Any tightness, temperature differences or unusual textures in the skin could be signs of an energy disruption.

Once these zones of imbalance have been identified, the Manghihilot (the practitioner or healer) then proceeds to undertake a range of treatments aiming to restore energy balance. This could involve purposeful and rhythmic massaging, manipulating the muscles and applying pressure to key points in the body, or even using medicinal herbs or heated stones to soothe pain and amplify the healing process.

Hilot at Home: A Personal Experience

After Claudia and I had several sessions of Hilot, we figured, why not bring it home? And why stop at just us? Why not share this wonderful experience with our daughter, Vivian? That's exactly what we did! With the help of a certified Hilot therapist who generously shared her wisdom, we were able to adopt this healing practice in our home. Now, Hilot has become a part of our family culture - a bonding experience and a health remedy rolled into one. The only thing we argue about these days is who gets the next Hilot session!

How Hilot is Heightening the Holistic Health Horizon

Hilot’s resurgence into today’s wellness scene is a testament to how effective and beneficial traditional healing methods could be. It's not just a representation of how lost practices are finding their way back into modern times, but also a glimpse into how health is being redefined - from mere absence of disease to a more holistic wellbeing.

As an advocate for holistic health, I admire how Hilot embodies a balance between physical wellness and mental peace. More importantly, it's a gentle reminder of how we are connected to our bodies, to others, and to the universe, continually lending credence to the adage, "health is wealth."

Basking in the Benefits of Hilot

From promoting optimal physical health to fostering mental wellbeing, there's no denying that the benefits of Hilot are abundant. It has the potential to alleviate all sorts of ailments, including muscle fatigue, joint issues, stress, infertility, and even emotional turmoil. The soothing warmth that Hilot provides can induce relaxation, reduce insomnia, and promote better sleep.

But its beauty lies in its simplicity. Like most forms of bodywork, it needs only a recipient and a practitioner. No fancy equipment required, no heavy bills to be paid. Which is why, hands down, I'd take a Hilot session over a trip to the doctor, any day!

Hilot: A Gateway to An Age-Old Healing Practice

Hilot is more than just an ancient form of healing; it's a journey into a realm where we perceive our bodies as energy-conducting vessels. It nudges us to take a step back and truly listen to what our bodies say, to respect the language of our physicality. It's an invitation to heal not just the body, but also the soul and spirit. In integrating Hilot into our lives, we're honoring a tradition that has stood the test of time, and ennobling our wellbeing pursuits with a sense of age-old wisdom.

So here’s my invitation to you: If you haven’t experienced Hilot yet or are skeptical about its merits, give it a try. I can assure you, it's worth every minute spent, every knot untangled, every heartbeat slowed. In essence, it's a stepping stone towards adopting a more holistic, harmonious, and seasoned approach to health and wellness.