Hilot: A Filipino Wellness Tradition Worth Trying

Hilot: A Filipino Wellness Tradition Worth Trying
Marcus Flint Aug, 6 2023

Embracing the ancient art of Hilot

The wellness industry is bustling with various techniques originating from different parts of the world – some contemporary, some centuries old; but they all aim to offer a potent solution to the stress and strain accompanying modern lifestyles. Amidst this ocean of choices, Hilot, a traditional Filipino healing practice captured my attention. It resonates with my philosophy of life - embracing simplicity and natural remedies. Hilot, for me, is not just a new trend but a connection to the ancient past of wellness traditions running deeply in the veins of the Philippines.

Seems like a story worth telling? Well, it is. And not just because it involves human touch and connection, which we so often lack these days, but because its philosophy is steeped in a deep understanding of the human body and the way it connects to nature and the universe. Trust me, sit back and enjoy this extensive piece on Hilot. By the time we're through, you might be ordering plane tickets to the Philippines to experience it firsthand!

Hilot – The Filipino Art of Healing

Let's start with the basics: What exactly is Hilot? Rooted in the local culture and lifestyle, Hilot is known as the art of touching based on the belief that the body, mind, and spirit must be in harmony for one to be truly well. It is more than just a massage as it blends a rhythmic touch with elements of chiro, physio, and therapeutic touch.

The charming simplicity and effectiveness of Hilot are backed by generations of Filipino tradition where it became an integral part of their healthcare system. Unsurprisingly, the name 'Hilot' directly translates to 'healer' in English, grabbing the essence of this holistic wellness practice.

The Science behind Hilot

While the spiritual side of Hilot is deeply rooted and non-negotiable, there is also a profound method to the technique. The Hilot practitioner, or manghihilot, uses banana leaves and virgin coconut oil both for diagnosis and treatment. Both elements are abundant in the Philippines and hold immense significance in the culture, as well as in the science behind the treatment.

In fact, when diagnosing an individual's condition, the practitioner mainly utilizes the properties of banana leaves. A warmed leaf is applied to the back of the patient. If the leaf sticks to the skin, the spot is considered to be the area of imbalance or "lamig", meaning the area where the energy is not flowing correctly. The practitioner then puts the healer's touch to work to bring the body back into harmony.

Benefits of Hilot

The benefits of Hilot are manifold and often go beyond the immediate physical. In addition to providing muscular relaxation, Hilot is known to improve circulation, enhance nerve function and boost the immune system. But it doesn't stop there. This ancient Filipino therapy is also believed to relieve mental and emotional stress, giving a holistic approach to wellness and health.

Fun fact, these are properties vastly appealing to someone involved in the stressful task of blogging while looking after a daughter named Vivian, and walking a boxer dog named Max. Why? Because the balance of body, mind, and spirit is crucial to juggling these roles effectively. So, if you're someone like me, then Hilot might be your path to wellness.

Hilot and Pregnancy: An Age-old Synergy

Of special significance is the role Hilot plays in maternal health. Traditionally, Hilot practitioners have been involved in prenatal care, childbirth, and postpartum recovery in the Philippines. The healing touch of Hilot, coupled with the expertise of manghihilot, has been key in providing comfort and wellness to pregnant women and helping them heal postpartum.

I can personally vouch for this. Vivian's mom, my lovely wife, experienced the blessings of Hilot during her pregnancy period and after childbirth, and I can assure you the benefits are incredible and real.

Hilot Today: A Wellness Revolution

Fast forward to today: The age-old practice of Hilot has morphed to align with modern needs and lifestyles resulting in increased global popularity. Hilot's simplicity and effectiveness are gaining recognition worldwide, with wellness retreats and spas offering the service in their extensive menus. Nowadays, Hilot isn't just practiced in the Philippines but in various parts of the world as well.

Despite the international fame, Hilot has not lost its roots. Filipino wellness centers continue to reinvent to bring the most authentic procedures and practices to their clients. You can now experience the healing of Hilot in state-of-the-art wellness centers – the most comfortably stressful places on earth (irony intended!).

Hilot: The Takeaway

In a world where we're perpetually seeking ways to find peace and calm within ourselves, it's therapeutic to explore traditional wellness practices like Hilot. Not just for the physical healing it offers, but for the simplicity and tranquility it carries at its core, bringing you closer to yourself and to nature.

If there's one thing derived from the personal Hilot journey, it would be this: wellness traditions have thrived over centuries for a reason; they offer a deeply rooted connection to our past and present, blending the boundaries of time and space seamlessly. So, whether you're seeking physical relief or spiritual tranquility, give Hilot a try, and you might just discover your ideal wellness solution.