Find Your Balance with Trager Therapy

Find Your Balance with Trager Therapy
Marcus Flint Aug, 7 2023

Unmasking the Mysteries of Trager Therapy

Good day everyone, Marcus here, and today I am thrilled to unwrap the layers of Trager Therapy. Having embarked on the journey of Trager therapy not long ago, I am pretty revved up to share my experience and understanding about this remarkable body-mind integration approach. Pioneered by the American neuromuscular medical practitioner, Dr. Milton Trager, this therapy walks you through a path of relaxation, pleasant movements, and phenomenally harmonizing sensations! Seriously, if my boxer dog, Max, could talk, he would also appreciate my enhanced energy levels.

Embarking on the Journey of Trager Healing

Now, let's demystify this wonderful world of Trager Therapy. It’s an intriguing form of somatic bodywork that involves gentle, rhythmic movements to eliminate old habits and patterns of physical and mental restrictions! Isn't it fascinating? Like waking up one day and you have forgotten how to hold stress! So basically, it’s like you are handing over your tense, stiff, high-strung body to a therapist and in exchange, you get this relaxed, high on life, body that’s just going 'Whoa!'

Your Body, The Wonderland

Personally speaking, Trager Therapy feels like being Alice in Wonderland, except this time the Wonderland is your own body. It provides an awakening of sorts, it's as if I've discovered new things about my body that I never knew existed. Imagine finding an old, dusty, unexplored suitcase in your attic, you open it, and lo and behold, there’s a treasure trove inside, full of relaxation and tranquility, well that's what Trager Therapy felt like to me.

Tips to Find the Right Trager Therapist

Now, as exciting as the whole Trager Therapy concept is, the key lies in finding the right therapist. It's like finding that perfect coffee blend; it's personal and sometimes, tricky. But here's the good news: Max and I are good detectives, and we are here to make things easy for you. First off, look for a certified Trager practitioner. Secondly, how's their vibe? Connection is imperative! And thirdly, their past success stories; they need to have a good track record.

What to Expect?

A lot of first-timers ask me, Marcus, what happens during a Trager session? Let me tell you, it's amazing! It starts off with a chat about what’s happening in your body, your lifestyle, your expectations. Then, imagine laying down on a massage table and you go through amazing enticing hands-on movements where the therapist uses gentle, non-intrusive techniques to guide your body into a state of deep relaxation. You can feel your tension melting away, as if your body had been holding its bated breath and now, it's finally exhaling!

Take-Away From My Personal Trager Trip

Talking from my experience, Trager therapy has been a game-changer for me. I've personally found it tremendously helpful in increasing my physical flexibility, enhancing long-lasting relaxation, and improving overall mental clarity. It’s tuned me more into my body in a way I never thought possible. Trager therapy has soothed my physical tension, and I feel lighter and brighter. Funnily enough, Max has been smiling more, I wonder if pets can sense your energy levels, eh?

Beyond the Session: Integrating Trager into Daily Routine

Oh, and here's the best thing about Trager therapy, it's not just confined within the four walls of the therapist's office. I learned that a profound aspect of Trager therapy involves self-care exercises called Mentastics or movement education. These movements, much like the ones during the session, are light, and full of ease. I've been incorporating these into my daily routine and, wow, what a change! It's like carrying a pocketful of sunshine that you can pull out and bam! instant relaxation.

So there you have it, my friends, my plunge into the phenomenal world of Trager Therapy. Whether you're stressed, in discomfort, or just looking to enhance your overall well-being, I strongly recommend giving this therapy a shot. And don't forget, a healthy and relaxed you is the best gift you can give to your loved ones and your loyal pets. Until next time, be kind to yourselves.