Breema: The Bodywork That Promotes Harmony and Health

Breema: The Bodywork That Promotes Harmony and Health
Cecilia Hastings Nov, 25 2023

Introduction to Breema: Harmony in Motion

Imagine a modality of bodywork that cultivates an inner sense of balance and harmony, creating a restful sanctuary amidst the chaos and stresses of daily life. This is precisely what Breema bodywork offers you. Rooted in the principle of 'living fully in the moment', Breema provides you with not only physical wellness but also emotional and mental tranquility. Its unique approach establishes a rhythm of health and serenity in your life, much like the coordinated movement of my labrador Rex and Siamese cat Bella, playing around in perfect harmony.

Fun fact before we start, did you know the word Breema is an acronym standing for Breathe, Relax, Energy, Exercise, and Mindfulness? I didn't either until I decided to venture into this universe of sublime harmony, wellness, and stress relief. It's quite a charming name, isn't it?

The Genesis and Principles of Breema

The origins of Breema can be traced back to an ancient healing practice in the Kurdish village of Breemava, hence its name. This bodywork modernized itself into today's form in the late 20th century. Breema's philosophy urges one to work on 'being present' and view body, mind, and emotions as a unified entity. It believes in the principle of 'Body Comfortable', which means establishing a comfortable, tension-free body as a bridge to being present.

I recall a tip one of my Breema instructors had given me: "Cecilia, concentrate on your breathing. Feel the rhythm, the rise and fall of your chest. Allow this to bring you into the present moment, feel your body, and relax." This, according to her and countless other practitioners, is the essence of Breema.

The Breema Session: A Flow of Energy

A typical Breema session involves a series of body movements, stretches, gentle strokes, and pulls, much like a ballet of healing. It's not just a random sequence; each maneuver aims to rejuvenate the flow of energy in your body and bring you into balance. The receiver, fully clothed, lies on a padded mat as the practitioner rhythmically and harmoniously performs the moves, in full connection with the recipient. The beauty of Breema is that it doesn't focus on addressing specific issues but aims for overall vitality and harmony.

One thing I love about Breema is how it channels positive energy directly to my life. Just like how my pet Rex loves it when I stroke him gently, I always feel a sensation of warmth, calmness, and positivity during a Breema session. It's as if a soothing tune is playing in the back of my mind, erasing all worries and tension from my day and filling me with a delightful sense of serenity.

The Healthful Effects of Breema

As a keen proponent and recipient of Breema bodywork, I can say that the effects are as claimed - revitalizing and invigorating. If you are someone struggling with stress, fatigue, or a sense of disconnection, Breema could be your panacea. By establishing harmony within our mind and body, it promotes better circulation, muscle relaxation, enhanced breath control, improved mood, and a stronger immune system.

Remember when I said how I felt emotions were energy in motion? Well, Breema extracts that energy in the most profoundly healing way. It allows me to feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and revitalized. I believe it could be the magic potion you've been searching for to manage your stress and embark on a journey towards holistic wellness.

Integrating Breema into Everyday Life

Breema isn't a treatment you seek only when you're feeling under the weather or overwhelmed. Rather, it trains your mind and body to work harmoniously, allowing you to live in the fullness of each moment. This harmony can be integrated within your day-to-day activities, making it part of your overall lifestyle, much like walking Rex in the park or feeding Bella.

Breema is inviting, always whispering in your ear to take a moment, tune in to your body, feel the air around you, listen to the hum of the environment, be present and live life to its fullest. Isn't that a lovely mantra to incorporate into our increasingly fast-paced lives?

Final Thoughts on Breema: The Dance of Existence

As we skate our way through life, we all seek that center of balance, the fulcrum that can hold our physical, mental, and emotional facets together. Breema offers you the key to find that balance. It forms a confluence of your inner currents, allowing them to flow smoothly in the dance of existence.

So, embrace Breema, let it hold you in its cocoon of warmth and love, heal you, and release you as a harmonious being, ready to bathe in the symphony of life. As someone who has walked down this path, I can assure you it's a journey worth undertaking. After all, who wouldn't want a touch of harmony and a dollop of health in their lives?